LSBA 2018-19

Shooting Times are;

                                        Tuesdays 7:00pm .22lr Rifle

                                        Thursdays 7:00pm Air Pistol   

                                        1st Sunday of each month 10:00am air Pistol, 

                                        12:00pm .22lr Rifle   



The LSBA originated in the “Golden Horseshoe” … thus the name Lakeshore Smallbore Rifle Ass’n. (LSBA).
The LSBA has been operating for over 40 years …17 in Port Elgin.
Originally there were only 4 venues …  all in the Golden horseshoe.
The LSBA has outlived two Provincial Rifle organizations (OSRA) & (OSF).
OSRA … Ontario Smallbore Rifle Ass’n. was our Provincial Rifle Governing body (Match Rifle & Sporting Rifle) .. 60’s & early 70’s.
It was re-named  OSF … Ontario Smallbore Federation in the mid 70’s. when Air Rifle became popular.
Finally, Rifle & Handgun amalgamated under our current Provincial Governing body … CSSA … Canadian Shooting Sports Ass’n.
Thus the previous Handgun and Rifle governing bodies became defunct.
The LSBA is now part of CSSA … our current Provincial Governing body for both Rifle & Handgun.
It operates 5 months … Nov.    Dec.    Jan.    Feb.    Mar.
The scores from each venue are forwarded to a central location each month.
A monthly result sheet is produced & sent to each competitor.
At the end of the season a final bulletin is produced & forwarded to each competitor.
Awards are presented shortly afterward.

The LSBA Winter League is a shoulder to shoulder shoot now held at 10 venues across the Province.


The LSBA has numerous types of shooting available… most are 60 shot matches.
Sporting Rifle … prone &/or 3 pos’n.     Iron sights only
Sporting Rifle Hunter class … prone … scopes allowed    (a low cost, simple, entry level, relatively equipment free game.
International Match Rifle  .. prone iron sights &/or prone telescopic sights ..
Internatioal Three Position Match Rifle        iron sights only     120 shots total ( 40 shots Prone, Standing & Kneeling).
Silhouette Rifle … Standard &/or Hunter class    Scopes recommended    Standing only
Air Rifle        iron sights only    standing only
Air Pistol      iron sights only    standing, & one handed only
Each of the above type of shooting is subdivided into 4 or 5 separate classes for awards (MM, SS, EX, & Master).
In addition to these classes there are awards for Ladies, Junior Ladies, Junior men & Veterans (over 55).
To be eligible for awards … you must attend 3 of 5 months … if you shoot 4 or 5 months… your best 3 scores count.
If you’ve the time & money you can enter any or all of the many events listed above.    Most shoot only one or two.